Are we Human or Robot? A Question unanswered!

Social media motivational slogan of now a days “ No emotions, no attachment, no expectations”. These tagline made me write this blog and this topic is somehow a painful one for me. I am sharing my thoughts here which I am experiencing nowadays in my surrounding. What are you? A robot 🤖 God has createdContinue reading “Are we Human or Robot? A Question unanswered!”

Extra marital affair – The controversial topic

Finally, I decided to write on this topic today despite of my hesitation on this controversial topic. I read many blogs related to this content and most of them are the acceptance of the positive side to it. But I have chosen to the negative one as somehow I am one of them, who livesContinue reading “Extra marital affair – The controversial topic”

Memories of 90’s

After a long time finally, I got to topic which may not be acceptable for current generation, but for sure its close to my heart. So today’s topic is “Memories of 90’s“and Whenever I heard this from someone, I feel nostalgic. Why this thought came to my mind suddenly someone might be asking, I hadContinue reading “Memories of 90’s”


मेरी सादगी और मासूमियत पर मुझे गुरूर है,क्या हुआ जो लोग अक्सर दगा दे जाते हैं…तस्सली बस इस बात की है,कम से कम, अपने नजरों में सर उठा कर जीते हैं… ✍🏻 Prabhamayee Parida

Can’t we have expectations ?

My perception on Expectation! Every single writer, motivational speaker and most of people prefer to use this statement ” Never keep expectations ” so that we won’t be getting hurt in future. We are human being and we are made in such a way so that we can express our emotions whether in the formContinue reading “Can’t we have expectations ?”


इस कश्मकश में खुद को उलझाए रखा था हमने,आसमान को जमीन से मिलाने की जिद्द जो की थी हमने,हर नामुमकिन कोशिश भी किया,और नतीजे की परवा न किया,थी जुनून आसमान में खुशियों का रंग बिखेरू..थी शिद्दत जमीन के इश्क से आसमान को करूं रूबरू.. अब जब हुआ सबेरा,और पर्दा उठा इस बेवकूफी से..चाहे करे कोशिशContinue reading “कश्मकश”

Outer beauty doesn’t define you.

An experience, I am sharing here along with my point of view to this conversation. A girl was enjoying her coffee and might be waiting for someone. Suddenly another girl came towards her and started bullying her by saying ” ohh behenji do you think with this innocence look , you can make people yours.Continue reading “Outer beauty doesn’t define you.”