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Are we in Digital era – part 1

We are living in 2020 , so called digital Era. Why so called? Because we have been acquainted with technology in our day to day life but still our thoughts yet to be updated .
This topic may be one of the controversial one but still i wish people will understand my perception towards this discussion.
Modernization has been attributed , our lifestyle & culture has been changed as per our convenience to show our standard of living but not for the betterment of Society.

My first topic of this controversial discussion is culture.
I am not against of accepting different cultures or traditions. Even I am always excited to travel so that I can explore different cultures, cuisines & Lifestyle. In this modernization or digital Era , we have accepted western culture including their fashion, food , language & way of living but still we believe in casteism . In India, today also people are against of intercaste marriage . We accept other cultures but it’s difficult for us to accept other caste. Isn’t it weird ?
Today also in india , untouchability plays a major role for dalit communities despite of their way of living articulate their stand to this society. This is a controversial topic which can’t be concluded & there is no end of this discussion.

My next topic of ” Are we in Digital Era ” will be freedom of women & feminism.

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