Ishq ( Love )

The wordings of this poetry are of a Pakistani series “khuda aur mohabbat”. I had just converted those dialogues to poetry and add few lines from my end. इश्क कभी नाकाम नही होता, क्यूं की इश्क तो बस इश्क होता है…मिलजाये मेहबूब तो खुदा की इबादत,और ना मिले तो होता है इश्क की कसक,इश्क काContinue reading “Ishq ( Love )”

Be good to others

किसी ने सच कहा है, दूसरो के लिए तुम सच्चे बनकर रहो,खुद -ब खुद सब अपने बन जाते हैं…ना रखना उम्मीद कभी हासिल करने की,क्यूं की चाह से भी ज्यादा प्यार बिन मांगे मिल जाते हैं.. ✍🏻 prabhamayee parida

An extraordinary journey of DJ Chetan Gulati

His Aura Defines Him -: First Ever Impression …If you are expressive enough to others then automatically that aura makes you impressive. Today I am going to write about someone whose personality makes him impressive. Chetan Gulati, one of the famous and dynamic DJ of Delhi NCR and luckily I witnessed his spirit towards hisContinue reading “An extraordinary journey of DJ Chetan Gulati”

A new beginning…

Thank you #vivstrings for this honour. Un Dino Ka Pyaar !!! Bringing this to you with Living Refresh & #Vivstrings Tune in to Spotify: Youtube:- All this happened a month ago while I was surfing LivingRefresh poetries and this tune Instantly occupied my mind.An honest composition attempt from my so-called home studio . Enjoy !!!

Quote – Travel ( सफर)

Sometimes you must travel to reconnect with nature & connect yourself with your inner soul. सफर के भी कुछ अलग पैगाम होते हैं..कभी कुदरत के करीब ले जाए तोकभी अपनी रूह से रुबरु कराते हैं… ✍🏻 Prabhamayee Parida