#selaginella ( Sanjivani)

For the first time I saw this plant as someone was selling it in a dry form with a statement “keep this in water & it will turn to green completely”. Initially I thought it as a prank but later on decided to purchase it.

I asked some plant expert & also did a research from my end.

What he said was exactly the same happened . This plant name is selaginella and also known as Sanjivani.
Under dry conditions, some species of this can survive dehydration. In this state, they may roll up into brown balls and be uprooted, but can rehydrate under moist conditions, become green again and resume growth.



The Moon & my imagination

इस मसरूफ जिंदेगी से रुकसत हुए हम,
तो नजर तुझपे आ गिरी,
ए चांद तेरे हुस्न को ताकते रहे
और ये दिल तुझपे बारी।

एक अकेला तू,
मिटा के रात का अंधेरा।
अपनी रोशनी से
करे ये जग उजियारा।
अल्फाज़ की कमी है तेरे दीदार को,
तुझ बिन तो
हर सवेरा भी है अधूरा।

#photography & #poetry

By @Prabhamayee parida

Kingdom of Dreams – Gurgaon

Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination. It is located in Gurgaon & for the first time I visited this place few days back though I am staying here from last 6 yrs . I heard a lot earlier about this place and recommended by most of the people . But couldn’t plan it earlier. Finally got a chance to visit the place because one of my colleague’s birthday. When I enter into this place the first word in mind ” out of the world”. I felt like I was not in Gurgaon and this place belongs to a different world. The architecture, ambience & ofcourse food . I couldn’t visit the theatre for live performance as it requires a whole day to spend your time & to live every moment of your life.

Sharing some pictures which may create an interest to visit this place.


I visited this place at night but because of the interior setup & creativity it seems like evening.

This fabulous Kingdom brings to life a blend of India’s art, culture, heritage, craft, cuisine and performing art…all with the technological wizardry of today.
This is a destination in itself which is capturing the wonderful imagination of the world.


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