The Moon & my imagination

इस मसरूफ जिंदेगी से रुकसत हुए हम, तो नजर तुझपे आ गिरी, ए चांद तेरे हुस्न को ताकते रहे और ये दिल तुझपे बारी। एक अकेला तू, मिटा के रात का अंधेरा। अपनी रोशनी से करे ये जग उजियारा। अल्फाज़ की कमी है तेरे दीदार को, तुझ बिन तो हर सवेरा भी है अधूरा। #photographyContinue reading “The Moon & my imagination”

Kingdom of Dreams – Gurgaon

Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination. It is located in Gurgaon & for the first time I visited this place few days back though I am staying here from last 6 yrs . I heard a lot earlier about this place and recommended by most of the people .Continue reading “Kingdom of Dreams – Gurgaon”

Udaipur – Lake city of India

After spending my 2days in mount abu ( the only hill station of rajastan), today is the third day of my trip and currently I am in Udaipur ( the lake city of India). I had assumed before visiting Udaipur that the temperature must be above than 40degree. But I am really glad that it’sContinue reading “Udaipur – Lake city of India”