Dowry – A curse to our society

Topic – Dowry system in India , why ? India, a country where you will found lots of traditions, celebrations because of its diversified culture. Being an Indian, I am always overwhelmed with India’s ancient history & culture. But with timing , there are few traditions which need to be changed and one of theContinue reading “Dowry – A curse to our society”

Humanity still exist

Short story – Humanity While having my lunch in a dhaba located in khandagiri ( Bhubaneswar) & chit-chating with group of friends, I restored a memory of one night few years back. A true story I had witnessed on humanity in that same dhaba . An old man came to the dhaba & asked forContinue reading “Humanity still exist”

Modern Valentine’s Day – Must read & share your opinions

Disclaimer – I am not against this celebration & neither I have intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I am having some thoughts which I wish to share . Today everyone is celebrating Valentine’s Day, But I am sure , most of them are not aware of the origin or reason of celebrating this day.Continue reading “Modern Valentine’s Day – Must read & share your opinions”

Unhealthy social media platforms

Hello everyone, I am not sure whether I am the only person concerned about ? My today’s topic is about Our social media whether for entertainment or for vulgarity. From last few days, I was quite active in social media Facebook, instagram & YouTube. Finally I myself has concluded that I had wasted my preciousContinue reading “Unhealthy social media platforms”

Are we in Digital Era- part 2

Hello Everyone, As per my commitment in last journal of ” Are we in Digital era” I am back with the topic ” freedom of women & Feminism” Before I will share my thoughts with you all, let me clarify one thing that I always take stand for women empowerment & rights reserved for freedomContinue reading “Are we in Digital Era- part 2”

Are we in Digital era – part 1

We are living in 2020 , so called digital Era. Why so called? Because we have been acquainted with technology in our day to day life but still our thoughts yet to be updated .This topic may be one of the controversial one but still i wish people will understand my perception towards this discussion.ModernizationContinue reading “Are we in Digital era – part 1”