Life lessons

Something learnt today . I was in the queue to meet someone & was waiting for my turn. After few minutes, i was told to enter next. Before i could enter, someone barge into that room. I heard a voice behind me of an old aged lady. ” You will get situation like this, butContinue reading “Life lessons”

Relatable thoughts on one of my favourite sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

“ The big bang theory “ This is an American sitcom about four high intellectual boring friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard, whose life got changed after meeting a free spirited but struggling actress, neighbour Penny. This show reminds me the theory I have studied 15yrs back and also the changes occurred from 2007 toContinue reading “Relatable thoughts on one of my favourite sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.”

Are we Human or Robot? A Question unanswered!

Social media motivational slogan of now a days “ No emotions, no attachment, no expectations”. These tagline made me write this blog and this topic is somehow a painful one for me. I am sharing my thoughts here which I am experiencing nowadays in my surrounding. What are you? A robot 🤖 God has createdContinue reading “Are we Human or Robot? A Question unanswered!”

Extra marital affair – The controversial topic

Finally, I decided to write on this topic today despite of my hesitation on this controversial topic. I read many blogs related to this content and most of them are the acceptance of the positive side to it. But I have chosen to the negative one as somehow I am one of them, who livesContinue reading “Extra marital affair – The controversial topic”

My first soloTrip to Dharmshala & Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.

Today i am going to share my first day experience of my first ever solo trip. Though i am crazy travel freak and already visited lots of mountains, beaches with friends, colleagues but this is the first time, i am experiencing this soloTrip and it’s a sudden execution. One day before, booked the bus fromContinue reading “My first soloTrip to Dharmshala & Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.”

Memories of 90’s

After a long time finally, I got to topic which may not be acceptable for current generation, but for sure its close to my heart. So today’s topic is “Memories of 90’s“and Whenever I heard this from someone, I feel nostalgic. Why this thought came to my mind suddenly someone might be asking, I hadContinue reading “Memories of 90’s”

My wonderful experience in Majnu ka Tila, Delhi.

Today’s topic – Majnu ka Tila, Delhi – one of the greatest place of Delhi. I spent my 9 yrs in Gurgaon, but hardly I visited all happening places of Delhi. After shifting to delhi, in last 7 months I have explored lots of amazing places which someone can choose to hangout with their lovedContinue reading “My wonderful experience in Majnu ka Tila, Delhi.”

Abusive relationship – why to tolerate ?

Already I shared earlier about dowry system in one of my blog. But this blog is about the consequences, women suffer because of this dowry. So you can consider it as a second part of that blog. We are living in 20th century where we are considered as modern, liberal & educated but we areContinue reading “Abusive relationship – why to tolerate ?”

Can’t we have expectations ?

My perception on Expectation! Every single writer, motivational speaker and most of people prefer to use this statement ” Never keep expectations ” so that we won’t be getting hurt in future. We are human being and we are made in such a way so that we can express our emotions whether in the formContinue reading “Can’t we have expectations ?”