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Sand Art – Odisha

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Odisha is the birth place of Sand Art. Afterwards it spread all over the world. Sand Art is carving of sculpture in sand..

Image of SandArt clicked from Bhubaneswar airport, odisha.

Pc-: prabhamayee parida

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Are we in Digital Era- part 2

Hello Everyone,
As per my commitment in last journal of ” Are we in Digital era” I am back with the topic ” freedom of women & Feminism”

Before I will share my thoughts with you all, let me clarify one thing that I always take stand for women empowerment & rights reserved for freedom But at the same moment I am not on the same page of feminism to take advantage . If we are discussing about equality then why these additional advantages we required with the name of feminism!

Declaration – every individual has different perception and I respect every individual point of view.

In this so called Digital Era, we talk about modernization , change of Lifestyle & of course thoughts towards the standard of living. Information as per resources, in India the female literacy rate is approx 65% & only 29% of women in india are part of women’s economic empowerment. Till date few so called educated or modern family doesn’t allow their daughters / daughter-in-law to have any professional career or to follow their passion. Still we are living in male dominating country where household chores are considered to be done by females even if their earning potential is quite similar to men. Still women fight to be respected which they deserve whether at home or workplace & simultaneously they have to deal with the issues like sexual harassment , rape & dowry. So this modernization is not enough to initiate the change in our society .The only thing which need to be converted is our thought process to create a better society & developed country.

There is an another part of this controversy, “Feminism” – the equal rights & opportunity for women.
But unfortunately, few feminist has different theory to take advantage with the name of feminism & according to their theory men supposed to be hated & should be treated badly. Lots of arguments/ journals has been shared in this topic & again can not be concluded.

Quote credit – Goalcast
Susan-B-Anthony-quote-women-rights-men-have | Goalcast

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Are we in Digital era – part 1

We are living in 2020 , so called digital Era. Why so called? Because we have been acquainted with technology in our day to day life but still our thoughts yet to be updated .
This topic may be one of the controversial one but still i wish people will understand my perception towards this discussion.
Modernization has been attributed , our lifestyle & culture has been changed as per our convenience to show our standard of living but not for the betterment of Society.

My first topic of this controversial discussion is culture.
I am not against of accepting different cultures or traditions. Even I am always excited to travel so that I can explore different cultures, cuisines & Lifestyle. In this modernization or digital Era , we have accepted western culture including their fashion, food , language & way of living but still we believe in casteism . In India, today also people are against of intercaste marriage . We accept other cultures but it’s difficult for us to accept other caste. Isn’t it weird ?
Today also in india , untouchability plays a major role for dalit communities despite of their way of living articulate their stand to this society. This is a controversial topic which can’t be concluded & there is no end of this discussion.

My next topic of ” Are we in Digital Era ” will be freedom of women & feminism.

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