Outer beauty doesn’t define you.

An experience, I am sharing here along with my point of view to this conversation. A girl was enjoying her coffee and might be waiting for someone. Suddenly another girl came towards her and started bullying her by saying ” ohh behenji do you think with this innocence look , you can make people yours.Continue reading “Outer beauty doesn’t define you.”


सवाल ये नहीं की तुझे कोई समझा क्यूं नही,क्यूं की तेरी सख्शीयत उनके सोच के परे है..सवाल ये नहीं की तेरे जज्बातों को किसीने सुना क्यूं नही,क्यूं की वो मसरूफ है दिखावे में, की एहसास उनके समझ के परे है… तू क्या है ये तू खुद है जानता..तेरी काबिलियत ये दुनिया है मानता.. एक दफाContinue reading “Self-assessment”

My thoughts to present Friends with benefits..

Hello Friends! Here is my new blog with the most complicated topic.Friends with benefits -: Does it really work ? What is this concept “friends with benefits” all about?You will get lots of definition, different versions of opinions and many more.But I will explain, what I got to understand and according to my research. Friend,Continue reading “My thoughts to present Friends with benefits..”