Relatable thoughts on one of my favourite sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

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The big bang theory “ This is an American sitcom about four high intellectual boring friends, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard, whose life got changed after meeting a free spirited but struggling actress, neighbour Penny. This show reminds me the theory I have studied 15yrs back and also the changes occurred from 2007 to 2019, staring from landline to smart phone and many more, which I can corelate.

Things I have learnt from this web series “the big bang theory” and I do recommend others to watch.
1- I used to dislike the changes in my life like Sheldon Cooper and i expected everything to be permanent whether people, location and anything else. But It’s me, who went through lots of changes whether positive or negative.
In last 20 yrs, I have changed more than 5 cities, 4 states, witnessed the difference in culture, language and lifestyle. Though initially it’s too difficult to manage but at the end i become the best version of myself.

2- You never flourish personally or professionally all by yourself. Right people in your surrounding, specially your friend’s support, criticism boost your confidence and encourage to be a wonderful person. Like the way, Leonard, penny supports Sheldon ( a character who is terribly unbearable to handle).

3- True Friends never try be in good books. Sometime they can be bothersome and difficult to deal with. You will be annoyed and hurt sometime, but still you prefer to stick to them because at the end they always make themselves available for you, in your ups and downs. Good example set by all seven main characters, specially Leonard & Raj.

4- Relationship is tough and gritty . Some day there could be differences in opinion, disagreement on interest within the couple. The best mantra is to respect each other’s differences and support whenever required, a bit of compromise considering each other’s priority for that situation or moment, no matter sometime you reluctant to be. Be open for discussion so there will be no room for misunderstanding. Truly I loved the understanding between Amy & Sheldon, Howard and Bernadette and specially Leonard and Penny were.

5- Being adult is not all about doing matured things. It’s better to keep alive the child inside you. Do the things you love during your childhood and enjoy being childish sometime. In this whole series, four friends always discussed about comics, games and little adventures they used to do. It’s their way of spending time with each other. Nowadays it’s too rare to witness people spending time with each other while dining, discussing about daily life, playing games without smart devices.

Though “The big bang theory” was a sitcom series, and people are characters of that show. But there are lot of things to learn, adopt unlike some baseless webseries. I can write the things based on each episode, but I will be keeping my points short & sweet.
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