Are we Human or Robot? A Question unanswered!

Social media motivational slogan of now a days “ No emotions, no attachment, no expectations”. These tagline made me write this blog and this topic is somehow a painful one for me. I am sharing my thoughts here which I am experiencing nowadays in my surrounding.

What are you? A robot 🤖
God has created human being with emotions to feel any sort of thing or feelings. If someone is really interested to be emotionless then consider yourself a Robot.
Attachment for family, friends or any kind of relationship is normal and without attachment, the human wouldn’t have evolved. Because in the first place, if a mother would have thought of no attachment then she wouldn’t have thought to bear the pain of 9 months for her child.
Expectation on every single moment of life & from life. Being a child, our expectation from our parents to provide a better lifestyle and at the end of life, we expect our loved ones to be with us.
Then what kind of tagline, people are promoting nowadays?
What I have understood as of now, no one wants to take responsibility & accountability for any feelings, any relationship or anything.
आज कल प्यार में सब कुछ first-forward होता है, कोई मेहनत करना नही चाहता, कोई इंतजार करना नही चाहता, कोई दर्द सहना नही चाहता। प्यार के नाम पर जब तक जरुरते पूरे हुए, तब तक तो ठीक है, मगर न मिले तो Move on।
“We don’t have that spark any more” आसानी से कह कर निकल जाते है, पर मेहनत नहीं करनी to create that spark again.
“Go with the flow” से सुरूवत होती है, मगर कहां तक पता नहीं, अफसोस ये की खतम किसी एक के दिल टूटने से होता है। you can’t even blame the other person because he/she will leave with this statement, “ I never gave any commitment”. No matter you have invested time, efforts, emotions and money on this.
कुछ दिन के साथ होने पर, जानवर से भी प्यार हो जाता है मगर यहां इंसान एक रिश्ते को पूरा आजमाने के बाद भी प्यार नहीं होता।
Dating has rules nowadays, you need to be fake to be in that relationship, if you are genuine & you open up clearly then people can’t handle your goodness and they will leave. They can’t deal with your imperfections though they forget that they themselves are not perfect.
Ghosting, ignoring, avoiding are the new trends, but no-one has guts to face to accept their mistakes.

People often question who never did any effort “ तुमने किया ही क्या मेरे लिए”?
Incase you tell them what you did for them then again you will be questioned “ जब जता रहे हो तो करने का क्या फायदा”
फिर कहेंगे “ मैने थोड़ी ना कहा था करने को “?
People expect, you do your efforts without expecting but it’s their audacity to blame you for everything even if they have done nothing for you.

Online has given too much options to choose people nowadays that the word “ love” has become an option. We have lots of dating apps to connect with strangers to share a bond, but we become strangers again. No one understands that every individual is different and with full of imperfectness. But we are still looking for the multiple options to satisfy our requirements.

किसीने सही कहा “ if you love someone than you can’t move on, incase you have moved on then you were never been in love.”

Sometime I feel, with this old school thought, how I am going to survive in this world where people are fake, self centred and pretend to be genuine, and specially when people are not practical, they are over practical, emotionless & in the process of becoming Robots.

✍🏻Prabhamayee Parida


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The only way to express your feelings is the way how you express. " The true alchemist do not change lead into gold ; they change the world into Words ". - William H.gass. I wish to be that change. I love to express my thoughts through my Poetry, Blog & Quote. I love to capture moments & share to the world. As per the quote of my page, "I am becoming the best version of myself "

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