Morning Vibes

नजाने क्यों इतना इश्क है सूरज से,
देखूं हर दफा तुझे, और अल्फाजों में पिरोलूं
तेरी एक झलक मिलजाए और तुझे तस्वीर में उतार लूं…. ✍🏻 Prabhamayee Parida

PC- Prabhamayee Parida


Published by #prabhamayee

The only way to express your feelings is the way how you express. " The true alchemist do not change lead into gold ; they change the world into Words ". - William H.gass. I wish to be that change. I love to express my thoughts through my Poetry, Blog & Quote. I love to capture moments & share to the world. As per the quote of my page, "I am becoming the best version of myself "

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