My first soloTrip to Dharmshala & Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.

Today i am going to share my first day experience of my first ever solo trip. Though i am crazy travel freak and already visited lots of mountains, beaches with friends, colleagues but this is the first time, i am experiencing this soloTrip and it’s a sudden execution. One day before, booked the bus from Delhi to Bir as initial planning was for paragliding in Bir but the service was not resumed due to some incident so booked my stay in mcleodganj(Dharamshala).

The day of journey-:

I was excited though as again i am traveling after 2 yrs, but bit afraid as it’s a soloTrip so no idea of consequences. But the whole night journey from Delhi to Dharamshala was quite good but tiring. I reached Dharamshala at 7am & booked a cab to my hotel Citrus Classic, Mcleodganj. Before booking, i did my research and this place is the center point and near to all tourist spot of Mcleodganj.

First Day of Trip – Dharamshala

I checked in and took rest for atleast 2 hours. Then i got freshen up & took the ropeway from Mcleodganj to Dharamshala & the ropeway center is available exact opposite to my hotel. This was my third experience riding in ropeway but this is the lengthiest one and the view while taking that journey is amazing. Sharing Pics and video for reference. I had informed to my Cab Driver Sunil Mahajan to pick me up as i booked him for the whole day. He is a kid doing his graduation and love driving. So I will refer his as bhaiya through out this writing. He suggested me the places and let me covered the places one by one. So let’s start all the tourist spots one by one.

View of Dharamsala while in ropeway

Tea Garden, Dharamshala. The first place i had visited to Tea garden, Dharamshala. Though i had already experienced Tea garden in Shillong so expected quite same. If you haven’t visited to Assam then it will be a great experience specially for photography.

Tea Garden, Dharamshala

Couldn’t have my breakfast so the nest stopage was at Cafe Food Safari, Dharamshala. My first priority was to try Momo here because it’s somehow related to Tibat cuisine. So i stopped my craving with Momos & later on Kulfi Faluda And after that i visited my next tourist place “War Museum” opposite to that cafe.

War Memorial Garden at Dharamshala.

This place is so beautiful and close to stadium, dharamshala. The whole Set up of War museum is to commemorate the memory of the soldiers who fought for the honour of their motherland. This garden is surrounded with full of flowers, pine trees, water fountain and play area for kids along with Memories of our brave souls who sacrificed their Life for our country. Being a solo traveler It’s a wonderful experience to have a pleasant walk in the pine forest, slow wind and hearing birds chirping. In front of the memorial, there are good stalls & also cafe to enjoy mountain Maggie and Momos.

View of War museum

Dharamshala Cricket stadium. I had never been to any stadium. Isn’t it strange 😀! This is the first time, i have visited dharamshala Cricket stadium but not to watch any live match. The backdrop of the stadium is just amazing because of the view of snow-covered mountains and that’s why it becomes a tourist spot of dharamsala. The entry cost is so cheap, so you must visit this place and witness the beauty of this place. Nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayan mountain range lies the quaint Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. Sharing few of pictures i have captured.

Norbulingka Institute, Dharamshala. Initially i thought this place as monestry though it has a monestry inside this place. This place is founded in 1988 & established by Dalai Lama for preserving Tibetan Culture, literature and Art. After visiting so many places, i was tired and this place was perfect to make myself relax. The whole place is so peaceful & calm surrounded by plants and someone can just relax and enjoy the ambience. If you want to kill your hunger then inside the institute, you will get Norling cafes and restaurants with authentic Tibetan Cusines as well other. I just had Tibat herbal Tea from this restaurant and this tea offers floral flavour with a smooth finish. I did visit the monestry and sit there for a while. Silence of this place create an impact on your mind and connect to your soul. My experience with this place is wonderful and out of my imagination. Some pictures i have clicked and i am sharing here for your reference so that you must plan once to visit this place.

Kharota valley, dharamshala. Kharota valley was the last place and last visit for the day. I prefer quiet place rather than the crowd and kharota valley, kharota village is actually my kind of place to spent your moment far from the gathering. It was suggested by that kid driver Sunil Mahajan & i really thankful for this suggestion. Kharota, is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Near Dharamshala reaches of the Kangra Valley and is surrounded by dense coniferous forest consisting Deodar cedar trees. This beautiful Himalayan town has had the pleasure and honour of being the residence of its Holiness, people here, not only for a glimpse of the Holiness but also to bask in the clean crisp mountain air and abundant natures. This place is famous for trekking and camping. Including me, hardly 10 tourist was there to be in the peak of the mountain & to witness the view from the Top. For me, it’s like at the end i have achieved Nirvana or in cloud while I was in the peak of the location. Glad to captured these views..

Finally i ended my Dharamshala tour for the day and came back to Mcleodganj through the ropeway. I was glad and proud of myself for completing my first day of Solo trip without fear & hesitation and moreover I was gearing up myself for the next day. I came back to hotel, got freshen up & with full of energy walked around the market or Mall road of Mcleodganj. I gossiped with shopkeepers, purchased a key-ring for myself to complete the rituals of my travel ( i used to buy a key-ring from every place i visit for the first time as remembrance of the day).

Thank you Sunil…

At the end, i wish to thank Sunil Mahajan, the kid driver for his help with the tour and suggestions. It was a wonderful day with mesmerizing memories.

Me & my experience

Note -: Bit information and reasearch was done through Google before travelling..

Do share your experiences with me or any input you wish to add.

Written By Prabhamayee Parida

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