Abusive relationship – why to tolerate ?

Already I shared earlier about dowry system in one of my blog.
But this blog is about the consequences, women suffer because of this dowry. So you can consider it as a second part of that blog.

We are living in 20th century where we are considered as modern, liberal & educated but we are not and still we are pretending to be one of them.
On daily basis we get new contents on women empowerment, respect for women & so on, either through social media channels or television programs or movies.
But still more than 70% of women in our country suffer from mental & physical trauma because of dowry and low standard mentality of our society.
I am not writing on this topic just to update my blog page. I have witnessed lots of incidents happened in my surrounding. I have heard mother’s saying ” we spent a lot in our son’s upbringing so that’s why we demand dowry “. seriously what kind of this one is ? It’s the responsibility of parents to spend money on their son’s education or to prepare him for a better lifestyle. How spending these amounts provide the rights to ask for dowry.

Women do suffer because of their in-laws but no doubt our society is equal responsible for the same. It’s easier to say “why women can’t take a stand for themselves”? But there are lots of reason, why women afraid to fight for their right or to get the justice. Let me share you few of the reasons and hope this may effect the thought of our society.

Point – 1
If women are tortured physically and mentally, then it’s okay to adjust with the scenario to save the relationship as per the statements given not only by relatives, neighbours but sometimes the women of the families suggest this to their daughters. According to the them, they have tolerated these things from years so it’s applicable for their next generation as well .
My question to this society-: Why ? If a women sacrificing her desires to fulfill the requirements of family then why she deserves to be ill-treated to satisfy others greediness.

Point -2
Women should maintain their Silence rather than putting it publicly or legally. Any action which is taken by women to oppose the torment considered as shameful & may impact their family living status or lifestyle.
My question to this society-:
If something wrong was done by in-laws or husband then they should be ashamed and punished publically for their wrong deeds. In such cases why should be a woman blamed for being tortured.

Point -3
Women should learn to tolerate and to continue their abused relationship for the sake of their kids. Because a kid needs father as well as mother to get support both financially and morally.
My question to this society-:
These kind of relationship can effect the mentality of kid. Either the kid will also get frustrated or will learn the negative things which can impact his/her future. Ofcourse a kid needs a father but if such creepy mentality people exist in this world then how someone can be considered to be good father.

If a man can’t respect a woman then he should be the one to be questioned, blamed or ashamed.

Like this so many negative thoughts our society has whether in Cities or Villages, whether people are highly educated or uneducated and whether people are rich or poor. These thoughts need to be changed and then only India can be considered as a developed country.

Feel free to share your thoughts or your feedback. I am not asking to share this post but I am requesting everyone to create awareness and be the reason of this change for the betterment of our society and specially for the women who were preferred to keep their silence.

✍🏻 Prabhamayee Parida

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