Outer beauty doesn’t define you.

An experience, I am sharing here along with my point of view to this conversation.

A girl was enjoying her coffee and might be waiting for someone. Suddenly another girl came towards her and started bullying her by saying
” ohh behenji do you think with this innocence look , you can make people yours. Look yourself and do you think you can compare with me . No make up, no sense of fashionable clothes ( specially she referred to short dress and long v neck) and trendy accessories.”

The other girl after listening to her harsh words gave a sweet smile without getting a bit of negative reaction in her face.
She replied her in a calm and sweet manner ” first of all, I am glad that you called me behenji as you considered me your sister with respect .( That’s what the exact meaning of this word behenji). Second thing , if you are proud of yourself and you think I am not comparable to you then why you even bothered to come to me ? Yes , I agree but we both were not comparable with each other. Our make over doesn’t decide our personality. You choose your way to justify your personality and I did mine. You might have choosen fashion to shape your outer look to cover up true side of your life but I preferred to gain knowledge & intellectuality and believe in genunity so that people will choose me for my inner beauty which may remain with me forever. I am not concerned whether people will like me or not. Because if someone will judge me on the basis of my make over then I will better stay away from them”. People clapped after hearing the whole conversation but these people were one of them who might have judged others on the basis of their get-up. ( Both girls might be in conflict because of one guy- That’s my observation ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€)

My feedback towards this conversation-: Our current generation’s mind set and lifestyle is “how to pretend to be someone else”. People are more concerned about the clothes they wear, the way they look. The recent incident of delhi resturant proved that our generation is going nowhere for the betterment of our society. *If someone is wearing traditional then their standard is not upto the level. If someone doesn’t wear makeup then she doesn’t belongs to party type gathering. And it really doesn’t matter, whether she is a successful individual or honorable personality. * I am not even against of people’s current perception towards their lifestyle. But at the end it should be everyone’s individual choice , who they are or what they want to be “. These makeover shouldn’t be the reason of discrimination and noone has the right to criticize on someone’s lifestyle.

Nowadays these social media has so much of negative impact on current generation, our thoughts have changed, we are trying to be more judgmental and somehow our tradition and culture is in questionable condition. Sometimes we pretend to be open and broad minded but at the same time , we actually show our ill thoughts towards others.

Disclaimer – I have no intention to hurt others intention. I have just tried to pour some truth through my writing.

โœ๐Ÿป Prabhamayee Parida

Published by #prabhamayee

The only way to express your feelings is the way how you express. " The true alchemist do not change lead into gold ; they change the world into Words ". - William H.gass. I wish to be that change. I love to express my thoughts through my Poetry, Blog & Quote. I love to capture moments & share to the world. As per the quote of my page, "I am becoming the best version of myself "

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