My thoughts to present Friends with benefits..

Hello Friends!

Here is my new blog with the most complicated topic.
Friends with benefits -: Does it really work ?

What is this concept “friends with benefits” all about?
You will get lots of definition, different versions of opinions and many more.
But I will explain, what I got to understand and according to my research. Friend, a person with whom you can open up yourself without hesitation & who will be there for you at any situation and that person is the biggest supporter of your life. Earlier we used to make friends and connected with them for a longer period. But when we talk about friendship between a male & female which is next to impossible sentence for few one. Because earlier if opposite gender became friends and got connected emotionally then few of them were later declared as couples or rest of them were no more friends.

I don’t know, whether people will agree with this or not but this is scientifically proven that if two people communicate continuously and stay connected then oneday they will get attached to eachother emotionally. It’s completely unacceptable if someone say that they won’t get attached to someone easily no matter how close they will be with an individual.

So now the question is why we need this another phase of “friends with benefits” .
Earlier in 80’s or 90’s even the people in relationships used to avoid physical relationship before marriage specially in India. But now people were way too modern with progressive thoughts and like every other requirements sex is now become a part of daily requirements which doesn’t need emotions. In this social media generation where every personal things has been publicised, somehow their inner-truth is unrevealed. People have stopped connecting emotionally with others and prefered to have a dual life.
At the same time, someone has to meet his physical requirements and that’s the only reason people prefer to be with someone unknown to be considered as friend who can be comfortable with the sex having without any attachment. The most important thing, we are afraid of heartbroken or may be responsibility or may be the commitment and that’s why we prefer to choose the simplest way and shorter route to gain such benefits.

Is it possible to be in this relationship for a longer period ?
No, because the longer you will continue to be in this “friends with benefit” relationship, then one of them no doubt will get attached emotionally. That’s why, to avoid attachment we restricted ourselves to be with someone for a short duration.
Now I have a question to all if anyone can reply. In this whole scenario , we even stopped becoming friends with eachother because we don’t want to open up our ourselves and the only thing remain in this whole concept of ” friends with benefits” is the word benefits. But if I have to speak up about the advantages , then yes I agree . For some, no expectations, no conflicts but still they stay together happily.

Disclaimer -: This is my thought which I preferred to share with others and I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone’s perception towards life is different. So incase if you don’t like my thought towards this concept then kindly ignore.

✍🏻 Prabhamayee Parida

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