An extraordinary journey of DJ Chetan Gulati

His Aura Defines Him -:

First Ever Impression
If you are expressive enough to others then automatically that aura makes you impressive. Today I am going to write about someone whose personality makes him impressive.
Chetan Gulati, one of the famous and dynamic DJ of Delhi NCR and luckily I witnessed his spirit towards his passion.

DJ/ Disc jockey, we as public consider this profession an easy-go-lucky job and we have the perception that the only thing DJs do, playing the recorded music together. But we are completely wrong and choosing this profession is not everyone’s cup of Tea. DJs perform a very unique job that often requires passion, the urge to entertain, plus feel the vibe of the crowd the DJ is playing for at the event.
Chetan Gulati Is one of those DJ having lots of fan base and one of known Name in India as well as in some europian country with more than 20 yrs of experience. One quality which is hard to find in anyone specially in this current generation or modern era -: โ€œ Humanity and being good to everyone โ€œ and people really praise him or love him because of this quality. I usually don’t trust in others words whether it’s a praise or criticism and it’s my own experience and I prefer to convey my assessment to the world so that such personality shouldn’t be unnoticed.

A Journey Worth Taking..
DJ Chetan Gulati born & brought up in delhi and at the age of 16, he chose his passion for music instead of a race of Doctors, engineer of other profession. 20 yrs ago, people might had any clue of DJ profession so definitely it could be a biggest hurdle to convince people in his surrounding . But somehow, the journey he had started at that time without any support and uncountable struggles but he never stopped his journey and neither he looked back. He made himself evolved to this competitive industry with his distinctive techniques and DJ skills along with his ambitious workaholic nature. His commendable selection of music comes from different genre consisting of Deep House, Progressive House, Tropical House, Minimal T ech EDM, Bollywood , HipHop , House , Funky House & retro , either make the crowd beat their feet on the dance floor or emotionally indulge themselves to their fictional world .
No doubt, he got huge financial profit but simultaneously the fame & respect he earned in these years made him one of the top DJ in Country. His indistinguishable stardom make him share the stage with Top celebrities across the country and now the current generation is inspired to follow their passion for music and ofcourse to choose a profession of DJ. In the world of criticism , he became the influencer and still he is heading towards the success of nofinish line.

I am writing all these being a fan , admirer or you can say a follower and it’s true if I will start writing every step of his success then definitely that will be a biopic of DJ Chetan Gulati. I won’t mind if I am promoting him through this post but he doesn’t require my promotion.




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