Dowry – A curse to our society

Topic – Dowry system in India , why ?

India, a country where you will found lots of traditions, celebrations because of its diversified culture. Being an Indian, I am always overwhelmed with India’s ancient history & culture. But with timing , there are few traditions which need to be changed and one of the tradition is Dowry system in indian marriage system.
Though according to Indian law ” THE DOWRY PROHIBITION ACT, 1961, (Act No. 28 of 1961) ” , giving & accepting is a crime but still people here are never failed to commit this crime . Few individuals consider it as symbol of living standard but how ?
According to my little reasearch , This dowry system in ancient times was applicable for women to give a financial security after marriage & bride’s family provided groom with dowry which would be registered in the bride’s name.
In few locations , dowry was considered to be part of gift from bride’s family to groom. Over time, the whole definition has been modified and now Dowry is a compulsion for families which leads to other crimes as well.

As per Indian marriage system, bride has to leave her family so that she can be a part of Groom’s family. After marriage, a woman dedicate her life sacrificing her passion, her career to become a good Wife, daughter-in-law & later on a good mother for which she should be appreciated & rewarded. If the woman is leaving everything behind including her family who has invested their emotions, finance for their daughter for many years then why should she suppose to pay dowry . Because of these reasons, most of the families in india don’t wish for a girl child. According to them , even if they invest on her studies & for her better life , at the end they are going to let their daughter away after marriage along with their savings for the sake of traditions . And suppose, the woman is independent then along with Dowry , she has to share her complete earning to her in-laws & her own family has no right to ask for financial support. Can we flip the scenario & understand the situation ? if the same would happen with the men then they might have understood ,why it’s necessary to say No to Dowry system & then we all will be able to save girl child .

I heard this sentence from lots of Groom’s family ” we have invested so much for our son then why shouldn’t we expect Dowry ?” , So I have a question to all those parents ” you have invested on your son to provide him a better life being a parent & that’s your responsibility or you have invested so much on him just to grab money & property from others on your son’s name. Incase you have received money or property which is the price of your son ( as invested ) then your son has been sold & you shouldn’t have any right on your Son.
If groom’s parent investment matters then why not for Bride ?

Because of this dowry system, many brides have been killed & death rates has been increased 19% to 21% . People now-a-days are so hypocrites, while they talk about growth, education, liberal values, socity status & luxury lifestyles and in other way they demand for Dowry which is a crime & never accept to stop this tradition for a better change.

In this century when we all are talking about developed countries , first of all we need to stop these traditions as it’s a barrier for making our country to be developed.

So Stop Dowry system so that we don’t have to promote this slogan of “save girl child” anymore.

Written by Prabhamayee Parida

Stop the Dowry system…

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3 thoughts on “Dowry – A curse to our society

  1. All women girls daughters & wives need gifts whether it’s for any occasions coz from decades parents prefer spending money only for their sons. so it’s justified they deserve gifts… gifts …. & more gifts especially me🎁 🎁 🤣 ☺️🥰 from their loved ones……. ☺️☺️❤️
    But you nailed it 👏🏻👏🏻❤️

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