Humanity still exist

Short story – Humanity

While having my lunch in a dhaba located in khandagiri ( Bhubaneswar) & chit-chating with group of friends, I restored a memory of one night few years back. A true story I had witnessed on humanity in that same dhaba .

An old man came to the dhaba & asked for food. He could have afford limited quantity of food as he had only Rs.20 with him. The resturant boy handed over the food to the old man & that food seemed to be not sufficient enough for him. He saw two poor kids along with a dog were sitting outside the dhaba & might be expecting food from him. suddenly Without having a single bite , he rushed towards them & gave all of his food to these kids & dog. Without thinking of himself, he preferred to feed them by considering the hunger.

When me & my friends saw this entire scenario , we requested him to take money from us & buy food for himself. But he refused to accept anything from us & said he was done with his dinner and he left the resturant & disappeared in the darkness. Me & my friends looked at each other & questioning ourselves ” is he mad or a Saint ( man of divine)” ?
We had already noticed them earlier but couldn’t think of feed them though we have enough money. But the old man’s sacrifice made us regret & later on rectifying our morals we offered food to those poor kids & dog.

Now-a-days everyone is so concerned about himself first but there are people still exist in this world to prove ” have faith in humanity”.

Experienced & written by Snowwhite (B)

Humanity still exist…

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