Modern Valentine’s Day – Must read & share your opinions

Disclaimer – I am not against this celebration & neither I have intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I am having some thoughts which I wish to share .

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Today everyone is celebrating Valentine’s Day, But I am sure , most of them are not aware of the origin or reason of celebrating this day.

Already lots of articles, Facts has been shared the history of Celebrating valentine’s Day. I wish to add some if these details here along with my point of view of modern day Valentine’s Day.

Origin of valentine’s day – This day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or feast of Saint Valentine. There are different martydom storiesassociated with various Valentines connected to February 14,[3] including an account of the imprisonment of Saint Valentine of Rome for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire in the third century.[4][5] According to an early tradition, Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailer. Another addition posits that Saint Valentine performed weddings for Christian soldiers who were forbidden to marry. On the basis of our history & also the sacrifice done for the beloved , this day 14th February is commemorated as valentine’s Day world wide as the day of Love / Romance .

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Modern Day love – Though the culture or traditions has been changed or modified But still this day is considered to be celebrated by couples with flowers & Gifts etc.. as I said earlier, most of them are not aware of of the story of Saint Valentine & sacrifices. Its really wonderful that we are celebrating “Love ” but without knowing the meaning of love . Do you think , gifting expensive flowers , chocolates or other accessories & Spending in expensive restaurant defines love? I don’t know others perception but according to my understanding , ‘No‘ it’s the lifestyle we are maintaining to show up the world. Because modern Day love is all about the flip side of one day story to update on social Medias.

I have witnessed couples fighting for Gifts (specially girls though I myself a girl) , for not getting a candle light dinner in an expensive restaurants , exotic travel destinations & comparing others way of celebration . Hardly people are concerned to celebrate this day by spending precious time with the loved-ones, understanding each other value & putting efforts for each other’s happiness in small things. And moreover this day becomes a revenue generating day for few industries provide different attractive offers for 7 days starting from Rose day to valentine’s Day & no doubt , they are gaining profits with the name of feelings or emotion ( selling emotions seriously!). 🙄

Valentine’s Week – I heard about this valentine’s week 4 yrs ago & Intially I found it bit exciting with the fact that 7 days with Different name of celebration following with Rose day 🌹, Propose day , chocolate 🍫 day , teddy day , promise day , hugs day , kiss day & lastly valentine’s day. Can’t someone propose with a rose 🌹 in any other day & why someone has to wait to express his feelings. I appreciate true feelings but why these day ? And the price of Roses, Teddies & gifts suddenly increase comparing to any other day. So this day has been changed to more materialistic rather than feelings.

Thought I did all of my research out of my curiosity to find out the origin of Valentine’s Week or when, why & who started this tradition, but not a single authentic article I found online. ( If anyone aware , kindly help me with the answer)…

Written by prabhamayee parida.

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