Unhealthy social media platforms

Hello everyone, I am not sure whether I am the only person concerned about ? My today’s topic is about Our social media whether for entertainment or for vulgarity.

From last few days, I was quite active in social media Facebook, instagram & YouTube. Finally I myself has concluded that I had wasted my precious time by watching unnecessary contents. Hardly 20% of the contents are useful for entertainment or knowledge where people are actually giving effort enough to express their talent. But Remaining 80% contents are full of with cringe, vulgarity & awkward videos . Though I never installed apps like tiktok, but if there is a platform is given to showcase your talent then people should use accordingly but I don’t know whether it’s a trend or trick to share weird videos to get maximum followers.

So indirectly we / people as followers prefer to follow these kind of contents? So we have changed our preference so badly that instead of watching post with great contents , we like horrible lyrics, vulgar ( soft porn videos) and contents without logic. I know people will judge me saying, ” if you don’t like then don’t watch “. I am not against of entertainment videos but with the name of entertainment , girls are posting sensational videos like porn star , vahiyat lyrics & only cringe.

Like censor board, these social media platforms should have some regulations & guidelines to post individuals contents. If such weird posts can’t not be excluded , then atleast there should be age limitation to enter to these social media platforms so that these cringe will not effect Kids .

This is my point of view which I have shared. Hope you all can relate to your thought process.

-:- prabhamayee parida

Published by #prabhamayee

The only way to express your feelings is the way how you express. " The true alchemist do not change lead into gold ; they change the world into Words ". - William H.gass. I wish to be that change. I love to express my thoughts through my Poetry, Blog & Quote. I love to capture moments & share to the world. As per the quote of my page, "I am becoming the best version of myself "

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