A movie review- the taskent files

Today I watched a movie “the taskent files”. I guess hardly anyone have watched it.
Initially I thought I will be bored. But when I finished watching, I was in a different zone. This movie is about India’s 2nd prime minister Dr. Lal Bahadur Shastri’s mysterious death. I got to know so many stuffs related to politics , constitution and also facts. I hate politics so I am not in support of any perticular party. But it clears one thing , what we read in history about our past , it’s not necessary to be the truth. In our childhood , we read all positive things about Gandhi ji, Nehru ji and half truth of freedom and India-Pakistan division. But few names were disappeared slowly whether it’s about shastri ji or netaji bosh and so on.
When I start knowing the truths then I realised that our educational system includes the truth and facts for every leader or freedom fighter and it should not be matter ,how harsh the truth is.

With this message some political party lovers may considered me anti-national, but I can’t avoid with the facts written of Nathuram godse and also the death of shastri ji & netaji. So my respect for so called leaders (political leaders) is diminishing and I expect the current generation to be aware of the naked truth rather than the theories mentioned in history books.
I really hate politics and also their thinking and lifestyle. People say “choose your own govt” by voting but that’s not exactly what happens. They made us choose . After watching this movie, I bound to be hated these politics strongly.

Why is it so dangerous to be a political leader ?? Why can’t be a normal & decent people after entering to politics considered as “one of the us”.

Pls do share your opinions ?

Written by prabhamayee parida

Published by #prabhamayee

The only way to express your feelings is the way how you express. " The true alchemist do not change lead into gold ; they change the world into Words ". - William H.gass. I wish to be that change. I love to express my thoughts through my Poetry, Blog & Quote. I love to capture moments & share to the world. As per the quote of my page, "I am becoming the best version of myself "

3 thoughts on “A movie review- the taskent files

  1. Shastri was always a block in Indira’s path to the big chair, and after his death she probably ensured he never got the lime light.
    Accrediting Bose would mean crediting India’s independence to Bose and his INA, the Congress would never want that.
    No matter both these guys seemingly faded away.


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