Still I’m sorry!


Mr. Victorian of Love !

As long as day passed,I found myself guilt in my own eyes.I wish to say sorry to you.
Still,I apologise to you to not fulfill your expectations.
I was fond of reading your mind but it was AGONY to get that all the wrong is with me.
Yeah,your Endearment attracted me a loads,
might be the reason for developing Infatuation with you.
Your modesty were not common but disparity among all,
Yeah, Somehow,it repled me,rout my ego and I fallen in love
But,now,I m seeing my selfishness is killing you day by day,just sorry all I wish to say….
When,I assemble all the memories of us,I still remember my sin.
M sorry to make you like cripple and haze you a lot.
I don’t know still the part due to which you loved me,But
I feel sorry for the riveting part which force you to be with me.
I know,our togetherness usually savour you.But just I’m dismal for my grim to you.
I know,You are enduring all those because of true love,but regrettably saying sory for the gloomy I have given to you….
No doubt,your truthfulness is applaud to me,But the tears usually come in your eyes due to my silliness,yeah I see..
I can’t even placate you but increase you anger.
Straighting up all the words,Lastly I’m feeling sorry to subdued you…

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