Silence! Silence!

In the silence of my dark,
Searching for shinning spark.

All those memories,I spent;
Yes,It can’t fade away,
But,the reborn of me!
Creating my murdered way.

My soul is alone,lost somewhere,
In the empty desert,fumbling here-there.

Extraneous,I’m beautiful as much as daffodils,
Intuitively,my tears flowing in the rills.

I created Silence,
Let’s raise voice against violence!

This silence,quite different,

IT’S flavour like cake but tasteless;
Smelling like dryer powder;
Comparable to the rootless weeds,
As it is holding,as awaited,
To blossom like sprouting seeds.

Nevertheless,its not magnifying the real me,
Still a mystery next to thee!

Being as tired of fighting,
Expecting of silence to my soul,
Doesn’t mean I’m week or meek,
But wish to be appear immortal.


Yes silence in the dark,
The silent soul,
Drifting in search of spark…..

Published by agreemitagupta

love to express me and my thoughts in magical words....Call me words player

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